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  • Single camera 4K
  • Dual camera 4K


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Product Description

♥Christmas Limited Time Price♥

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Demand is too large, please buy before it stocking out

This drone was definitely more than this price, but in order to let more people know about our brand (This is consistent with our goal), we chose to sell it at a reduced price, but only today!!!

  • Weighing under 450 grams, This makes it the low and safe weight drones
  • 4k HD CAMERA: The front and bottom of the fuselage are equipped with 4K pixel high-definition cameras,provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, ultra-smooth footage
  • Intelligent Flight:The drone will follow you no matter where you move. It keeps you in the frame at any time,hands-free flight and selfies make shots more easy.
  • Upgrade-battery: The intelligent battery works for 17 Mins for each charge; lower power consumption and give you a good flight; the foldable Carrying Case make it easy to take the drone outdoor.
  • Friendly-Use: Easy for novices or beginners. It has altitude hold, headless mode, one-key takeoff / landing, emergency stop, low battery alarm and visible lights. With just one touch functions is friendly.


  • If you don’t have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  • Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.
  • We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

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  • W

    January 11, 2019

     Let me start off by saying if you are looking for a easy to fly drone this is the one.
    I've been blown away by it for the 3 weeks I've owned it. It is the fastest drone in it's class , but it also has three differnt speed settings so if you're a beginner you can start off slow and work your way up. D60 also has plenty of safety features including return to home and a warning if you are about to fly out of range. If you loose video as you're flying this thing will literally fly itself home and land within a few feet of where it tookoff.
    My kids also fly it and love it. I have a note 8 in a case and the phone fits in the crontroller inside the built in cradle so you can see the fpv feed. Very impressed overall. I've included some video of the drone.

  • G

    April 4, 2019

    I purchased the Potensic D60 drone based on the Amazon product description and my limited familiarity with the manufacturer. The drone functions well and is exactly as described/expected.

    The drone arrived in excellent shape due to the more than adequate packaging. Some assembly was required (the rotor blades) and was no problem at all. I installed a 32 GB micro SD card that I had purchased separately in the drone, put four AA batteries in the remote controller, and downloaded the Android APP to my Moto X phone.

    The compass calibration routine was a little confusing (but not that traumatic) and the GPS signal acquisition took a little time (I'm above 43° north latitude), but, all-in-all, preflight preparations went well.

    If the app is used and there is a SD card in the drone, photos are stored in both the card and the phone. If the app is used and there is a SD card in the drone, videos are stored only on the SD card, but may be downloaded/viewed to the phone. If the app is used and there is no SD card in the drone, then videos are sent to the phone. The drone communicates with the app/phone via a WiFi radio in the drone, which the phone must use.

    I was able to confirm all the functions and features listed in the product descriptions to my satisfaction. I'm pleased with my purchase.

  • W

    January 11, 2019

     I have owned the Potensic T25, D80, and now the D60. I have to say that Potensic KEEPS getting better. I really enjoyed the D80 much more than the T25 but there were still some issues. For one, the battery cable was tricky to tuck into the drone when attaching. It was doable, but the D60 completely fixes this and the battery is a nice fit. Speaking of battery - wow! I was able to get about 21 minutes flight time with this drone. The best I've seen yet!
    I have to admit, the test video I've posted is a bit shaky - mainly due to a) this being an extremely windy day and b) this being my first flight and getting used to the drone.
    I *really* like the fact that the camera can now rotate up/down and really enjoy the gimbal although, as I said, it was hard to test the effectiveness of it due to the high wind.
    The design is the best yet. It's difficult to explain but after handling the previous two, this one just seemed to feel better and the up front syncing is REAL smooth. Speaking of which , Potensic added a feature to let you know (via a beep) once each rotation has synced...nice new feature.
    Potensic keeps listening to their customers and it's just really interesting to see how things keep getting better with their affordable drones.
    All-in-all - I'm very satisfied with this purchase and am thus far enjoying it the best out of all the drones I've owned to date. (I must say, however, I do miss the case of the D80. That was a WONDERFUL addition and missed - but I can see how not including it allows the price to be more affordable and there are quite a few options for drone storage out there.

  • R

    May 1, 2019

    This D60 Drone is by far the best drone I have owned. You can set it up for flying out of the box in just a couple of minutes. Just download the Potensic APP and follow the steps. The first time I flying it and took some quick pictures, I have to say that D60's 1080p camera works really good, the pictures are well exceeded my expectations. Also, this drone was pretty stable in the air on my first flying play. Excellent and easy control features with GPS positioning. What else do you expect? Fun playing it and worth for the $$.

  • R

    April 25, 2019

    The D60 is a GPS drone with a decent camera on a single axis gimbal. The camera is adjustable from facing forward to facing down by pressing a button on the controller, a nice feature. It can be flown via the remote or simply with the app on your phone. I was impressed because when I flew it, it was fairly breezy and it handled the wind surprisingly well. The altitude hold and GPS work well. I can recommend this one.

    The controller is the standard dual-stick configuration. Left controls up/down, rotate left/right. The right controls forward/back, and strafe left/right. The button on the upper left controls the camera and video while the top right controls the camera angle. There are 2 buttons on the rear of the controller. They set the calibration of the control sticks, and they set the speed of the drone. The phone mount is sturdy, and built into the controller. I use an S7 Active and it holds well. I do need to off-set it so the volume buttons are not pressed by the mount but that is not the fault of Potensic.

    The drone itself is very professional looking. It reminds me of a DJI Spark. The new one is white in color with black arms. It utilizes brushless motors and it has given me flight times of 15 to 20 minutes. This is dependent on how hard I fly it. The more relaxed, the longer the flight time. The battery slides easily into the bottom rear of the drone and is charged via a special USB cable. It takes about 2-3 hours to charge with a 1A USB wall charger. I use a 2A USB charger and it charges closer to 2 hours. Note that the charger itself is NOT included with the drone, only the cable is included. This is not a big deal since it can be connected to a USB charger, a laptop, or whatever other USB charging device you may have. Just know that charge times will differ depending on the output. The drone can be flown slowly, just using it for photography or video. But it can also be flown in more of a high performance sport mode, flying very quickly. The video still records fine, but not as well as a leisurely flight.

    The camera is spec’d at 5GHz and 1080p. I feel this may be slightly exaggerated; however it does give acceptable stills. I have noticed some “jello” when recording video, but again for the price it is not unacceptable. I will say that Potensic has fixed the video recording issue. Previous D60 drones had an issue with recording to the SD card, either very limited time (under 2 minutes) or not at all. I have had no issues with recording videos of varying times. This was a major drawback of this drone and I’m glad to see Potensic has remedied this. Be sure that the drone you get is the new white version!

    The GPS works very well. The drone weighs about .89 lbs. and is stable in a breeze. I do notice some drifting in a stronger wind but the GPS helps the drone fight this to stay in position. Also, the drone does utilize an optical position sensor to keep it steady along with altitude hold. This combination makes it easier for a beginner to fly. Using the GPS, the Return-To-Home feature works very well. After flying out about 500 meters I pressed the Return-To-Home button and the drone landed within 3 ft. of its take-off location. Also, Return-To-Home is automatic if the battery runs low, or if the drone is flown out of range.

    It also has Follow-Me, Orbit, and Waypoint features that can be enabled from the app. Follow-Me is just that: once enabled you can move around and the drone will follow you. If you approach the drone it will back up. Walk away and it will follow you again. Press Orbit and the drone will start circling you at a distance. It will continue to orbit you until you tell it otherwise. Waypoint lets you program a specific path using the app. The drone will fly to each waypoint you enter and stop at the last one, waiting for your next command. Return Home can be pressed at any time to bring the drone back.

    The only CONS I noted were that the drone drifted a bit in a stronger wind. The GPS, optical hold, and altitude hold made this very manageable. This would not be an issue on a calm day. Also, the distance is specified to be 500M. My phone seemed to lose contact at about half that. Even so I was able to control the drone with the transmitter without issue, and was still able to have it Return-To-Home without the app being connected. I wish the controller had the GPS telemetry like the D80 has. It makes it nice to know what the drone is doing if you lose sight or your app freezes.

    This drone would be suitable for both a beginner interested in learning to fly a GPS drone, photography, and video, or for a more experienced pilot who wants a little more performance as well as the ability to dabble with video.
    Potensic’s customer service is very supportive. I have not had an issue with this drone, but did contact them regarding a different model. I compliment them on their service and support. They will respond in a timely manner.

    Overall I can recommend this drone. It is a great deal for a brushless, GPS, altitude hold, single axis gimbal camera drone for under $300.

  • W

    January 11, 2019

    The potensic d60 is a high end feeling drone at a reasonable price point. The brushless motors are truly phenomenal and give this little bird some real get up and go power.
    I like the fact that it has 3 speed modes. The slow speed is great for learning the intricacies of the controls and getting a feel for the bird. When you are comfortable and move up to power 2 or 3 though this thing is impressive.
    The devices range is also pretty darn good, I flew it to 875 meters high before it engaged auto return home. The bird was literally a spec in the sky but the view from the camera at that height was breathtaking.
    The camera is pretty darn decent in general. I really enjoy the fact I can remotely adjust the view point and the gimble it uses has an auto fluctuate ability that actually does stabilize the shot. Well it stabilizes the shot as best as a 1 axis gimble can.
    I have found that this particular model infuriates bees. I guess I flew by a bees nest and the sound the craft makes must have grabbed the bees attention because all of a sudden I had a cloud of bees surrounding the drone. I tried out running them but they were dead set on attacking my drone and that did not work out for them. They would swarm the propellers which just diced them up. Sadly I think I must have killed at least 50 bees, but when it comes down to it I was not enthralled with the idea of landing the drone with 50 angry bees ready to divert their anger tword the pilot. So I just eventually hovered till there were no more bees left.
    The auto return function is very good on this model however the ability to get a GPS lock on the bird is a real pain. It might just be the one I recieved but it can take up to 15 min before I get the ok and GPS locks in. That is almost a deal breaker for me as I have had other drones at cheaper price points acquire a GPS lock in less than a min. I am operating this craft with a Samsung note 9 and my phone will be locked on 20 satellites so the slow GPS is not due to my phone.
    When the device does lock on GPS it functions flawlessly, including all of the auto functions. The follow me, the circling above, way point flight, and the return home all work as expected when the device has GPS locked on.
    My other gripe with this model is the loud obnoxious beeping that ensues when the device goes out of range or when the battery reaches 25%. I appreciate the heads up that my battery is 75% dead but the loud beep every half second is more detrimental than advantageous to helping me return the drone for a battery swap. It really distracts the pilot when they need to be paying more attention to the flight.
    Also when u engage the return to launch feature it beeps the whole time the craft is returning, every bleeping half second. Now just to make sure you become flustered and annoyed it also vibrates the phone you are using to help alert you to the fact you enabled a feature. This warning has become stuck to the point where I had to restart my note 9 just to stop the vibration.
    I really hate the beeping in conjunction with the phone vibration. I would prefer it if at the very least I could choose one or the other, however the ability to disable the shrill beep altogether would be much appreciated.
    I am currently debating opening the controller and ripping the chime out completely, but I am not sure if that will degrade the outstanding range the device has, so I need to do more research on this. I will update this review if I do decide to do this and let you know the outcome.
    So this bird is not perfect but it is pretty good for the price they are selling it at. When I do get the GPS to finally lock I have a grand old time piloting it untill I reach low battery and the beeping ensues.

    I must say that potensic as a company is truly a great company when it comes to customer service. They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase. I give
    potensic customer service 5 stars

    I started my relationship with potensic by purchasing a d50. The one I recieved had a faulty motor, so after emailing support they trouble shot the issues and upon discovering the motor was indeed bad they didn't send me a new motor, they sent me a new D50. I eventually came to the realization that the D50 while nice at the price point was not the machine that I was looking for. The company refunded my money for the d50 and I eventually got the d60 because of how well they treated me as a customer.

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