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  • 4K WiFi
  • Optical flow 1080P
  • Optical flow 4K


  • 1 Extra Battery
  • 2 Extra Battery
  • 3 Extra Battery
  • 4 Extra Battery
  • 5 Extra Battery
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This drone was definitely more than this price, but in order to let more people know about our brand (This is consistent with our goal), we chose to sell it at a reduced price, but only today!!!


  • 3D tracking lets the drone follow you autonomously. Mini RC Drone FPV Quadcopter helicopter automatically detects objects and avoids obstacles using the cutting-edge motion intelligence similarly found in the self-driving car.  


  • In Safari Mode, Mini RC Drone FPV Quadcopter can explore the world. Flying along a designated route, it automatically identifies and frames objects of interest, taking the right photos at the right time.

  • Using advanced AI,Mini RC Drone helicopter recognizes animals, plants, people, vehicles, and other objects, bringing back aesthetically unique photos from its tour.


  • Mini RC Drone FPV Quadcopter and one key takeoff / landing for easier operation, no need to worry about orientation and with a simple press on the button your drone will rise to a height or land, perfect for beginners.



  • GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning provide you with accurate positioning details of your drone. Also able to provide with automatic return, low power return and no signal return.
  • Note:Single Camera 1080P version, Single Camera 4K Version, Dual Camera 4K Version. 
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  • N

    March 10, 2020

     I chose this for our family's first drone, hoping to get sprawling shots of our little farm. I really liked that it came with a case to keep all the parts, and there were lots of videos readily available to help me get started.

    The drone comes with guards for the propellers (which I didn't use at first, regrettably). They snap right in under the propellers themselves, and they snap out as easily. It only takes a few seconds, and it's worth it to protect the machine.

    No problems downloading the app off of the Google Play store, it was free, and the only other thing that you need to get this going is 4 AAA batteries (I use rechargeables). The batteries are for the controller. The drone itself comes with 2 batteries (one is already inside the unit, the other in the case). Those charge by micro USB wire, which is included. I use a solar USB charger to power the batteries.

    You have to calibrate the drone with your app and the controller before the first use, but not again after. It's just a series of manual rotations of the drone unit, as the app tells you to.

    Once you download the app, you can record video and pictures directly to your phone. I think you need the SD card to capture 4K video, but I just used it without. My lens got dirty, which added a haze, but otherwise I really liked the clarity of the photos from when I first took off, before I dirtied it. There's a question mark button on the app that explains each of the options to you, or you hit the "play" button to enter the app.

    This is listed as working with 5G, so I was relieved that I was able to use this with my 4G LTE connection. You connect to it as if the drone is its own wifi, through your cell phone hotspot / wifi list. First turn on the drone, then turn on the controller, and lastly, you connect the app.

    Operating the drone itself is very similar to operating a video game aircraft. I feel like with a little practice, I'll be whirring it around without a problem. It's fairly intuitive when you're using the analog sticks on the controller, and just using the miscellaneous buttons and features will come with time. My first flight out was really bumpy, but with gentle movements, there's not wear or tear on the unit from "bopping" the ground, which happened several times.

    We're going to wait until the spring thaw, because it's difficult to contend with the winter conditions, but I was so excited to try it out, and wasn't at all disappointed. We're so excited to explore the 4k capabilities, the VR, and to fly this thing everywhere when the property is in bloom. Super fun, cool gadget.

  • S

    March 31, 2020

    HAVE TO EDIT: Unfortunately

    2 of the 4 motors already burned out and it's hard to locate parts for it unless you want to wait 2 months for it to arrive from China. Batteries charged correctly still manage to go bad way too fast. I even use a special LiPo charger that you custom configure for each battery so I know it's not the charger. This drone didn't have more then 3 hours of total flight time and never more then 12 minutes at a time. Occasionally it would rest for 1 hour and then the second battery would be used for a second flight. Flight time is way to short so batteries are way under powered for drone causing batteries to be damaged much too fast.

    Also the 4K camera was only 4k via software interpolation but I don't believe it's even doing that correctly because the file size is too small. The drone does have good range but the controller doesn't really fit larger phones at all so it's a bit awkward. I understand these aren't brushless motors but they shouldn't burn up that quick unless it was flown constantly and even then they should be good for 8 hours or so. One more thing it only comes with 2 replacement blades. One CW and one CCW so if you damage both CCW's or CW's at one time you'll be waiting 2 months for replacements from china because they are available nowhere else. I have been unable to locate any 3rd party manufacturers that will work with this drone either so that means you have no other options for upgrade or repair.

    In my opinion this is not worth the headache and hassle. I regret this purchase and am probably just going to have to throw the drone out at this point.

    I really did like this drone but I dislike the company. They included a card that offered a free battery for your feedback and they never even bothered to reply to the feedback. That has nothing to do with the drone itself but I felt it was important to provide all the factors being considered while writing this edit. I will never purchase another Eachine drone again because of this experience.

    The price of this drone has dropped a lot since I purchased it so it could be used as a decent started drone if you want to skip the flight basics and just learn GPS assisted flight. Just make sure to order parts at least 2 months prior to your first flight.. I hope this saves some people some serious despair and time.

    **END EDIT**

    First off this isn't a drone I would use to learn how to fly with. Start with something cheap and work your way up. This has a lot of bells and whistles that would ruin learning the basics of flying a quad rotor drone. That being said this drone is very well priced for all those bells and whistles I was talking about. This had 5GHz WiFi with a 4k camera. It was easy to fly with the remote and my phone, but it was a little confusing to setup. Battery is a little under powered for what it draws and that causes a shorter flight time then it could have. The flight time is about 12-14 minutes if using GPS and Camera.

    The instructions are not written professionally at all. They are hard to read and follow which makes it harder to learn the features. It fails to even mention the SD-Card slot on the device that I found by chance. It has an micro SD-Card slot on the bottom under the battery. The carrying case that comes with it is great. It's about the perfect size for me. The should have included 4 replacement blades not just one for each side. The batteries do charge really fast. The range isn't nearly as good as 2.4GHz but it is much better control.

    I loved the way points feature so you can have it fly a patrol pattern even adjusting altitude in between the way points. The app is actually pretty good which was a nice surprise, but I can't fly a drone with a mobile phone. Orbit mode is also a really cool feature that works well. I am kind of surprised that it won't use it's GPS in accordance with it's camera for object avoidance.

    Anyway this is a great intermediate drone and is a lot of fun to fly, just don't expect to understand the instructions. I'm still not sure I got the controller and my phone to sync so they are actually working together yet or not, but I can fly with just the controller for until I know. It flew with both connected but something felt off. Don't get this as your first GPS enabled drone unless you already know how it's going to work. I hope this helps and had pictures but for some reason Amazon isn't allowing uploads right now. Still looking into that.

  • N

    March 10, 2020

    I used my friends drone and needed one for myself. I did search Amazon and other sites looking to purchase. I’m glad I purchased the Eachine E520S foldable drone. This came with a nice hard storage case with zippers to keep everything together. This drone has a 4K camera with live video. The Drone has many features and is very user friendly. The directions are easy to follow for this first time drone operator. It has a one key return button, headless mode, altitude hold, speed control as well as the 4 K camera. I live in Michigan and we have been dealing with lots of rain and wind. I have not used outside yet. I will add an additional video as soon as I can get out in decent weather. We live near Lake Michigan so I am hoping to get some great videos. If anyone is looking for a drone, I suggest this E520S foldable drone.

  • N

    March 10, 2020

    Just received today. Drone works flys great. It is easy to set up and fun to fly. The auto stability takes a bit of getting used to, I wish that it had some trim buttons for manual flying. The case that it comes in is very handy and the spare battery/blades is a must! The blade guards have the best of intentions, but still do not fully protect the blades. Get some spare blades, you will need them! The controller works well and has lots of great features but there are some small problems with it. The phone grip does not hold the phone very well. My phone slips out very regularly for me while flying. Make sure you your phone has a solid case on it before using it with this controller. Otherwise this drone is a fantastic value, great quality for the price!

  • S

    March 31, 2020

    I didn’t want to spend the coin for a DJI so I went out on a limb and bought this one. The case it comes in is good quality and the packaging was well done. There were no issues in shipping.

    I took it right out of the case and paired it to my phone through it’s WiFi. The app was easy to use and very functional.

    The camera takes nice video and pictures.

    I crashed it twice and it has no visible damage. The extra blades it comes with will be very useful. For a couple of hundred dollars this is a great option for the amateurs who just wants to mess around.

    The only reason I gave it a four star review is I would love to see longer flight time on the batteries. I think that is a common issue with all drones though. I would recommend this drone to anyone.

  • U

    January 6, 2020

    First - I ordered the version with 2 batteries and a case, but was sent the version with only 1 battery and no case. Second - The battery takes a ridiculous amount of time to charge, even using a 2A wall adapter. The amount of warnings in the user manual about not charging the battery unattended should be a red flag for anyone not wanting their house to burn down. Third - Connecting the remote and phone to the drone was quick and easy, but the drone had problems during flight. Initially I thought it was losing power due to battery connection being loose, but after making sure the battery was secure it still had problems mid flight and would throttle down and land quickly, or go into return to home mode. I never felt safe enough to fly this more than 30 feet away from me and maybe 10 feet off the ground. Fourth - The drone feels incredibly fragile, due to the cheap materials and manufacturing. I didn't expect much for this price, but I also didn't expect something that feels so disposable.

    Overall, total disappointment. Returning the product since it is defective and the wrong product was sent.

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