Project Update #0 – A crowdfunding journey, it’s a marathon. I guess we’d better stretch first!

This is the starting line of a crowdfunding story.

After launching a campaign with Kickstarter, one of the best resources that creators have is in the form of project updates. When the creator submits an update, it automatically blasts the e-mails of all of their backers.

Project Updates don’t need to wait for the Kickstarter launch! By sharing my experiences as I go, I hope to show you an honest and meaningful peek into the preparation before, during, and after the campaign.

I’ll be documenting my plans and progress through regular behind-the-scenes project updates with the Freewheel Precision Gyroscope project.

Most of all, I hope to not only connect with people but also add value to lives in small and simple ways.

In the end, I’ll gain a huge jump start in delivering benefits, whether they ultimately back us or not. In the process, it would be great to build some solid relationships.

Unclearness equals uncertainty.

I aim to be as transparent with you to the max extent possible with our project. We’re setting realistic goals and deadlines to ensure we retain trust and security with our backers.

Furthermore, if you want to follow along with us, or even help contribute to our project, (Click here) to join our Facebook community. In the Facebook group, I will post links to our project updates as they were being shared.

I hope to meet you at the finish line of this crowdfunding journey.